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We have various types of strawberries for you to pick and try. Have you seen a pink strawberry before?

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Farmer experience comes berry true!

Cameron Highlands most attractive place is strawberry farm. Abang Strawberry has 2 Farms which you can pick the strawberries by your ownself! Yes, get your family here to pick your own strawberries! Choose your own strawberries based on what you like. Big? Sweet? Sour? That is entirely depends on your choice!

Abang Strawberry is set to be one of the strawberry garden which introduce the concept of self pick by visitors themselves. Focusing on farming and harvesting environment, we will not let you missed the experience of your memorable activity here with us.

You ever dream of dining in the garden with your loved ones? At our farms, it is a dream comes true! From various types of strawberries, you can pickand eat directly from our farms!

Ready to have a fine dining in the garden? It is yours to decide.

We don’t think you know them berry well
The war against Covid-19 is not over. As part of taking care of the nation and beloved customers, we are sending out happiness to your home. Everyday!
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