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Strawberry Farm

Strawberry Farm

by Abang Strawberry

Welcome to our charming strawberry farm, where rows of vibrant red berries stretch out under the sun. Nestled in the heart of Cafe & Homestay, our farm offers the perfect blend of rustic beauty and sweet, juicy strawberries. Whether you're picking your own or simply enjoying the picturesque surroundings, a visit to our farm is a delightful taste of nature's bounty.

Our Strawberries



  • High yielding

  • medium in size, weighing up to 30-40 grams

  • The seeds are located on the surface of the berries, without being pressed inward

  • Oval berries with flattened sides

  • Large dark green leaves with jagged edges



  • The japanese quality strawberries.

  • Medium to large varietal

  • Natural sweetness like nectar, coupled with tantalizing juiciness and a fine aroma.

  • Able produce it all year round due to its stable, cool temperatures.



  • Tolerates light and hard frost

  • Early short-day variety

  • Medium sized fruit with firm  flesh and excellent flavor

  • Interior colour of Camarosa is a brilliant red and fruit colours uniformly.

  • A great producer for commercial growers



  • Snow White on the inside and out, white strawberries are found in shades of white to ivory, dotted with bright red seeds, and covered in the occasional pink blush.

  • Limited exposure to direct sunglight to possess a scrap of snowy potential.

  • Available year-round, with a peak season in the winter through early spring. 

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